Welcome to The Land of Atheria!

The Land of Atheria was in balance until a magic orb containing ten power crystals shattered in the sky one night, sending two princesses on an unforgettable adventure to save their world from destruction.

Atheria is a fantasy adventure world. It’s a place where being different isn’t a drawback – it’s what makes you a hero. It’s a world where warriors don’t always feel brave and adventures aren’t fantasies – they’re real. They happen every day.

Check out these amazing story tellers as they share their original story … this story is pretty damn awesome. I’m a backer. Are you? Take a listen!

Patricia Bodry

Jeremy, Nea, and Luca have hit a WINNER in this story tale!! Listen to the first part and enjoy the melody of Jeremy’s voice, and the storyline thickens!

Jae Lee

Love the story and the way you tell it, keeps my kids entertained as they fall asleep and they love the story and can’t wait to find out what happens to their favorite characters!

Superfan of TSC and PS

Detailed and descriptive! The story telling is spot on! The content in the story is suspenseful, and the dialogue is great! Looking forward to more episodes!


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