News about Atheria

  • Weekly Update 20: The Blazian Crystals & Dyed Hair
    This week the creators of Atheria wrap up posting the next ten episodes for The Shattering and leak new information about a potential side storyline currently in the works. Someone also gets her hair dyed shares how the the experience went.
  • Weekly Update 19: The Tornadian Crystals & Freezing Cold Water
    This week the creators of Atheria make good on their promise to their fans with a frigid fall development. They also share details of a bonus episode in the making based on one of the most famous fairy tales around.
  • Weekly Update 18: The Terrianian Crystals & Dress Up Night
    This week with the purchase of a new ballroom gown, the creators of Atheria record an update dressed in their fancy clothes. Jeremy also forgets how much work a simple weekly update is and someone lets out a spoiler for season three (in development).
  • Weekly Update 17: Final Launch Prep & the Big Setup
    The creators of Atheria make time for one last update before the big launch day tomorrow! They share a few spoilers for the event that you won’t want to miss and decide – at the last minute – to crowd source a few important decisions. Check out this “off script” update and get ready for the big launch tomorrow!
  • Weekly Update 16: Intros / Outros & Launch Spoilers
    This week the creators of Atheria share their launch plan for the new episodes next week. They also wrap up a bunch of outstanding ‘must dos’ for the big launch including the ever-present Press Kit. Oh yeah, Lynnea can’t stop singing her favorite Broadway songs and Luca keeps getting distracted by … you’ll never guess.

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