Season One – The Shattering

The Land of Atheria is a girl’s fantasy adventure podcast created by two girls and their dad that follows two young princesses on an unforgettable journey with some fantastic characters. After witnessing a rainbow-colored comet shatter in the sky, they find themselves on an adventure to find the ten power crystals and save Atheria. 

The Land of Atheria Title
The Land of Atheria

We are currently publishing Season One: The Shattering for the most recent episodes, check out our episodes page. You can also find links to episodes here.

Episodes 1 – 10: The Aquarian Crystals

Episodes 11 – 20: The Terrainian Crystals

Episodes 21 – 30: The Tornadian Crystals

Episodes 31 – 40: The Blazian Crystals

Episodes 41 – 50: The Devorian Crystals

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