About the Authors of Atheria

Who we are

We are a family of three living outside of Seattle, Washington in the city of Redmond. Atheria is written by a dad (Jeremy) and his two young elementary school aged daughters (Lynnea & Luca).

We have spent the last five years creating a fantasy adventure world for girls where they can see themselves in the middle of an amazing journey bringing dozens of friends together and, in the end, leading the charge to save their world.

Luca, Jeremy and Lynnea Hutton
Luca, Jeremy and Lynnea Hutton

Jeremy is the dad and enjoys reading, writing, biking, spending time with his kids and listening to music until about 8pm, when he turns into a pumpkin.

Lynnea is the older sister and enjoys singing, hand-standing, playing tricks on friends, cooking, exploring, and getting a second wind at exactly 9pm.

Luca is the younger sister and loves the outdoors, spending time together laughing, reading, thinking, experiencing and having quiet time until all hours of the evening.

The Back Story of Atheria

Four years ago I wanted to read my daughters a great bedtime story for girls but had trouble resonating with the most popular fantasy adventure stories out there. Not that these stories were bad, I just didn’t feel like these adventure stories resonate enough. I wanted a bedtime story that would challenge the status quo and pave a different path for them as girls when it came to the fantasy adventure space.

So we started making our own stories.

What started out as a simple girls fantasy adventure bedtime story routine (to help get them to sleep quickly) became a night time portal into an another magical land as these stories began to grow night after night and have a life of their own. We started putting in amazing races, fantastic creatures, true friendships and, most importantly, the lesson that anyone – no matter their gender, capability or race can become a hero.

Luca & Lynnea writing by the fire
Luca & Lynnea writing by the fire

And we couldn’t help but build each adventure story on the next one until we had a full “season” of episodes (50 in total) telling the epic fantasy adventure story of how two heroic princesses found themselves on a quest with ogres, dragons, dwarfs, elves, mermaids and many, many others to save their Land of Atheria.