The Characters of Atheria

The Land of Atheria is a girl’s fantasy adventure podcast full of passionate adventurers and fantastic characters. As you listen to the story, you’ll meet dozens of young (and seasoned) adventurers of all races and genders. Below, you’ll meet a just a few of the friends you’ll meet in the first ten episodes.

Princess Nea

Princess Lulu of Sparland
Princess Nea of Sparland

Nea is one of the two main characters in the story. She is a princess that lives in the city of Sparland and the older sister of Lulu. She is full of ideas and spunk. She has a lot of courage but struggles with jumping into danger too fast.

Princess Lulu

Princess Lulu of Sparland
Princess Lulu of Sparland

Lulu is one of the two main characters, the younger sister of Nea and is also a princess from the city of Sparland. She is different from Nea. She enjoys building things and solving puzzles and often struggles with others comparing her to her sister, which bothers her.

Prince Paul

Prince Paul of Cedar Landing
Prince Paul of Cedar Landing

Paul is a human boy and prince of Cedar Landing who is often found on adventures both away from his hometown and abroad. He feels a deep sense of exploration but his soft spoken nature can sometimes get the best of him, except when dealing with his brother prince William.


O'Lah of Ubbin
O’Lah of Ubbin

O’Lah is an ogre from the village Ubbin who often feels like she misses out on things, simply because she’s an ogre. She’s smart, diligent and calm but she can sometimes be quite stubborn.

Princess Blu

Princess Blu of Allaymia

Blu is a mermaid from the under water city of Allaymia. She is an adventurer through and through and loves going on adventures and taking control of the situation. She sometimes get into trouble with others by not taking the time listen to what they have to say.

Darius & Rose

Darius & Rose
Darius & Rose

Darius & Rose live outside of the north woods. Darius is the son of the Shadow Man and enjoys learning about animals and the outdoors. They are both curious and brave despite the setbacks they have experienced.

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