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  • Two Girls by Foxtail LakeTwo Girls by Foxtail Lake

    Weekly Update 5: Episodes 29 – 32 & Skyrabian Fish

    This week the creators of Atheria give the usual episode update, talk about a podcast they were guests on, and share some upcoming merch that their new merch manager is going to develop. Oh yeah, and you're not going to want to miss Lynnea and Luca as they get a little crazy in the end.


    Weekly Update 4: Episodes 25 – 29 & Racism

    This week the creators share an important message about how they feel about racism and the issues facing America today. They also talk about the next episodes, what new illustrations are getting created (spoilers), provide some shout outs to those supporting the cause and introduce our marketplace site and survey listeners can use to share feedback.

  • New Subscribe Page!

    Hello Atherians! We’ve decided to consolidate all of our communications and signed up for Mailchimp! If you’re interested in staying up to date, sign up for our email updates here!

  • Updated [Launch] Plan

    We're hearing more and more (from our listeners) that they don't just want the next ten episodes - they want WHOLE FIRST SEASON. So we've decided to pivot our approach!

  • 110: The Journey Home

    After successfully bringing the two Aquarian Crystals to the undersea ruins, the princesses and their friends received grievous news about Paul’s kingdom, and Ryla revealed something of importance.


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