• 150: The Last Temple

    The heroes finally unite with the last crystal keeper and obtain the key to the Tranquil Temple. However, they'll need the power of two magical beasts to unlock the ruins. And one of those beasts has been turn to stone at the bottom of the Torturian Sea. Can they revive the last temple in time to heal Atheria?

  • 149: The Final Keeper

    The heroes make it to the Dwarf Mining Camp. There they learn that the final Keeper has been delayed and is on her way to the Frost Caves. While the Phin and Coryn prepare for an ogre attack, Princess Nea and Lulu head to meet the last keeper. Could the last keeper be someone the princesses have been traveling with all along, or someone completely different?

  • 148: The Frozen Grotto

    The heroes learn where to find the last crystal keeper, but have to rescue the other keepers from an icy spell that has been cast on the now frozen Elf Grotto first. Only when they get there, there's more happening under the grotto than above it.

  • 147: The Lost Ring

    On their way back to Cedar Landing to find the last keeper, the heroes are interrupted and asked to find a lost ring for a friend. In accepting the mission, they realize that the hearts and minds of Atherians are starting to grow dark faster than they expected. They also end up saving the day, just in time to reunite with an old friend.

  • 146: Saving Allaymia

    Just as the heroes are within grasp of the black Devorian crystal, word of an impending attack on Allaymia comes and they must rush to find a way to help Lady Jewel and the underwater kingdom.

  • 145: Scorch & the Black Crystal

    On the journey to find Scorch, the heroes realize they will need the last crystal in order to save him. And when they find themselves at the bottom of the ocean, their only hope lies with an old nemesis.

  • 144: The Tornado of Smoke

    As the heroes continue their journey to find Scorch, they come across a devastating tornado of smoke that threatens a nearby village. Only, one of the Tornadian Keepers is off on another adventure trying to find his sister.

  • 143: The Griffin Transformation

    On the tail of Scorch's rampage into the sky, the adventurers find themselves in the Glass Castle with a far-fetched idea to heal the heroic griffin that saved Lulu's life. Only something goes wrong and Lulu's griffin will never be the same.

  • 142: The Griffin Rescue

    The heroes get word that Oleander's griffins have gone missing and it's up to them put a rescue plan in place. And some old friends show up, bringing much needed power to the mission that comes in handy when an unexpected enemy shows up.

  • 141: The Mess at Moorenvale

    Princess Ellery's village is in disarray and needs the help of our adventurers to cure it, only to realize that someone else has fallen deathly ill.

  • 140: The Lava Ruins

    The heroes make a startling discovery when they uncover the orange Blazian Crystal Keeper. And Carmine proves that she's worthy to take her mother's place among the protectors.

  • 139: The Lost Treasure

    The heroes agree to help Captain Rustin locate Sanguine Island and the lost treasure in exchange for part of the booty. In the process, Nea finds herself in danger and finds more than just the missing treasure.

  • 138: The Bellona

    On their way back to the mainland, the princesses and their friends meet a crew of pirates aboard "The Bellona" led by Captain Rustin, who asks our friends to help him find a family heirloom on a remote island.

  • 137: Phin & Baby Pearl

    Phin offers to help the adventurers find some rare metal, only things aren't what they seem under the sea. The celebration of a baby Pearl's birth brings one heroes past to light while leading another down a path they may soon regret.

  • 136: The Fire & the Boy

    On their mission to share an important message to the underwater kingdom, the princesses stumble upon a mysterious boy who could be the key to helping Carmine finally find the treasure she's been seeking.

  • 135: The Island Elves & Cinder

    After finding the red Blazian power crystal, Princess Nea and Lulu with their new friends must deliver an important message to the island elves, but run into an ill dragon on their. Unfortunately, when they get to the village, they're faced with another sign that Atheria is falling apart.

  • 134: The Island Keep

    The heroes come across another enchanted elven keep inhabited by someone under it's dark magic. When they learn who it is, and retrieve another power crystal, the princesses are baffled to learn that the next power crystal keeper is already among them.

  • 133: The Withered Isle

    The heroes land on the Withered Isle and meet a girl with special abilities and dwarf with a mysterious past. Nea finally has a reason to use her special gift after getting a lesson from Jo back on the mainland.

  • 132: Nibor & the Red Crystal

    After hearing some earth shattering news, the heroes decide to venture back into the frost caves and make amends with an old foe. Only when they get there, a missing girl on her own journey to prove herself needs to be found. This sends the princesses to farthest ends of Atheria to find her.

  • 131: The Mountain Giant & the Temple

    The heroes, with the help of an old friend, have to figure out how to pacify an angry giant heading towards the elf grotto in the Forest of Forevermore. Only to learn that there's more to giants than they think.

  • 130: The Cloud Ruins

    Tuck reveals an unexpected Tornadian keeper, who must face his own regretful past and role as a hero, before he can heal Atheria. Simon shares a special bond with Nea that the heroes will need to get to the Cloud Ruins.

  • 129: Getting back the Crystal

    The team heads to the Badlands to get an important power crystal back before it's used for more destruction. Nakisha and Lulu face a challenging situation and come face to face with their foes.

  • 128: The Darius Rescue

    The elf chief, with the help of the tricky elf and her friends, have kidnapped Darius and taken the white power crystal. Princesses Nea and Lulu must work with a new friend to find a way to save them, only things aren't what they seem back at the Elf Grotto.

  • 127: Blu & the Botanist

    Princess Blu, who asked princesses for help to find her magic scale, receives an unexpected twist of events when they follow a trail of footprints back to Moorenvale and talk to an ailing botanist.

  • 126: The Larakesh Baby

    After healing a stranger, the princesses find out she has a devastating past and agree to help solve a tragic mystery that has plagued Atheria for years. On their adventure across Atheria, Wahl finally meets someone tied to his past and Oleander learns to look beyond the naked eye.

  • 125: The Cliff Keep

    After a narrow escape, the princesses find themselves at the home of one of their closest friends for the first time. They also discover that wishes do come true when they stumble upon another enchanted elven keep, even if those wishes aren't spoken out loud.

  • 124: Saving Scorch

    The gang learn that one of their greatest nemesis's has kidnapped Scorch and is holding him prison. And in order to save him, someone will have to chose between trusting new friends and doing what's right or remaining loyal to a crooked king and turn them in.

  • 123: Ella’s Well

    The adventurers make it to Ella's Well and learn that Oleander knew more about Wahl's past then he let on. They also meet some unsuspecting visitors who share that someone they love is in danger.

  • 122: Oleander & the Ogre

    The story of Wahl's long-lost family unfolds even more when they stumble upon an old elf friend on the edge of the Forest of Forevermore. And Oleander's own fatherly nature comes out as he agrees to watch over a few rescued orphans.

  • 121: The Windy Dwarf Celebration

    The princesses join the dwarfs in celebrating Elifonia, Potifonia and Jacob for helping restore the Land Temple only to be struck by a terrible storm that sends everyone indoors. There an old friend invites them on an important journey to find the truth about his long-lost family.

  • 120: The Land Ruins

    On their quest to take the green and brown Terrainian crystals to the ruins, Princess Nea and Princess Lulu have a misunderstanding that leads them to an unfortunate situation; fortunately, Jo meets an old friend who can help uncover the secret behind the temple's magic protective spell.

  • 119: The Botanist and the Dianthus Root

    The princesses and Darius are approached by Tuck with grave news about Allaymia and need their help to find a magic root that will protect the Torturians. Except the only person who can help them find the root has gone missing with a broken heart.

  • 118: The Desert Keep

    On the search for the missing fairy, Nea, Lulu & Darius find an old enchanted elven keep that's inhabited by a dangerous griffin. But they're not alone, an old adversary trying to find the crystals shows up with a few friends of her own.

  • 117: The Forgetful Fairies

    Princess Nea and Lulu arrive at Hummingwood only to fall victim of the strange spell that has thrown the whole village into disarray. They're forced to leave until Darius shows up with a revelation.

  • 116: Into the Boxley Wild

    Princess Nea and Lulu learn that there's a fallen crystal in the fairy village of Hummingwood, but must travel through the Boxley Wild to get there. On their way they catch a glimpse of more than they bargained for.

  • 115: Torgonda’s Pass & the Cloud Ruins

    In order to heal the Cloud Ruins, the team must climb the tallest mountain in the sky, but not before the wingiants realize that the magic key that breaks the protective spell is missing.

  • 114: Rakta’s Chime

    In order to continue healing the water of Atheria, Paul and O'Lah need help finding the Cloud Ruins and learn that they'll need a wingiant's magic chime to unlock the enchantment as well.

  • 113: The Princess with Wings

    On the heals of their last adventure, Princess Nea and Princess Lulu get a visit from above and terrible news that someone important has gone missing after looking into the Shattering and they may be the only ones who know how to find him.

  • 112: Princess Ellery & the Botanist

    The princesses get a surprise visit from Ryla with a cryptic message about where to find the next keepers, only to find out that things are not well back at the Dwarf Mining Camp.

  • 111: The Missing Bird Adventure

    The princesses notice something strange happening with all the birds in Sparland and end up investigating what's happened, only to run into a few old friends and make an astonishing discovery.

  • 110: The Journey Home

    After successfully bringing the two Aquarian Crystals to the undersea ruins, the princesses and their friends received grievous news about Paul’s kingdom, and Ryla revealed something of importance.


  • 109: The Ocean Ruins

    Nea, Lulu and their friends, with the help of a mermaid, swim to the depths of the ocean to find the ancient ruins and use the crystals to heal the water.


  • 108: The Search for Paul

    Something terrible is happening to the water in Sparland, Princess Nea & Lulu must find out how to fix, but need the keepers of the Aquarian Crystals to do so.


  • 107: The Inventor and the Crystals

    The princesses visit the inventor to ask for a favor, only to find out that something terribly wrong has happened to the water, and they'll need help to fix it.


  • 106: The Shadow Man’s Son

    Nea, Lulu, and Paul are off to the dwarf mines to find the only cure for the illness of shadow man’s son, only to find out that the boy has a secret.


  • 105: Taking back the Castle

    With the help of the Shadow Man, the princesses manage to trick the Ogre King into going back to the ogre village, and at the same time, find out why the Shadow Man was so eager to get fairy water.


  • 104: The Purple Crystal & the Shadow Man

    Along their journey through the Forest of Forevermore to retrieve the purple crystal the princesses and the prince encountered a mysterious, dark man.


  • 103: The Tricky Elf

    Nea, Lulu, and Paul secure a plan to retrieve the purple crystal from the Ogre King, but an unexpected visitor spoils their plans.


  • 102: The Ogre King & the Purple Crystal

    Nea and Lulu go undercover to a nearby ogre village to unravel the mystery of a rock found by the Ogre King, and devise a plan to retrieve it.


  • 101: The Shattering

    After witnessing a rainbow shatter in the sky, two princesses go on a journey to investigate the phenomenon by traveling into a frost giant’s cave with the help of dwarves, and eventually, finding a lost stranger.


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